Dorothée Dacosta-Noble | La Raffinerie
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La Raffinerie

About This Project

This brand identity for a restaurant called « La Raffinerie » (the refinery) is a good balance between roughness and finesse.

The artistic director chose an industrial approach (echo to the name) and we built the logotype using iron wires.

But, the metal is disposed as delicatly as a lacework which give lightness and modernity.

We also combined concrete texture with dark grey and water green colour. Again, this heaviness vs finesse.

I started working on logotype leads and then brunch menus, take-outs bags, take-away billboard and to finish the website.

Agency / Client

Diptic Design Agency / La Raffinerie

My role

Logotype leads, menu, take-out bags, billboard, webdesign, brand guidelines

Print identity, Illustration