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10 Juil Naturalia breake the rules

This video presents the 3 main values of Naturalia, an organic supermarket chain which celebrates it's 45 anniversary. The (already made) art direction mixed revolutionaries illustrations, referring to old communists posters, with a cute cartoon imagery (flying vegetables, bees and dragonfly). The challenge was to express their...

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23 Fév Eclairez-nous

Jingle animation for a TV show called "Eclairez-nous", broadcasted on Crédit Foncier online Channel. I did some of the illustration, the flat animation and the music editing....

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01 Déc Mylène Farmer Inspirations

Mylène Farmer is a famous french singer with a unique, kind of morbid style. Her songs contained a lot of references to artists, writers and directors. In this book looking like her own notebook, Benoît Cachin gathered all her inspirations, dig out her interviews and compared songs...

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24 Oct La Raffinerie

This brand identity for a restaurant called "La Raffinerie" (the refinery) is a good balance between roughness and finesse. The artistic director chose an industrial approach (echo to the name) and we built the logotype using iron wires. But, the metal is disposed as delicatly as a...

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24 Oct Tout l’monde dehors

This identity is a fictional project made as a hiring test for a parisian agency. They ask me to create a poster and program leaflet for an outdoor festival located in Lyon. Plenty of activities were proposed such as cinema, theatre, concert, dance, sport and games. The...

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